Smoke, Heat & Carbon Monoxide alarms providing early warning of Fire & CO in the home 
& Sealed Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets & Escape Ladders



Smoke Alarms, Heat & CO Alarms for Social Housing Providers, 
F M Managers, Electrical Installers, Fire Services, & House Builders 


Kidde's upgraded Ten Year Guaranteed sealed in battery co alarms

Kidde Ten Year Guaranteed Battery CO Alarms upgraded from May 2013; click on image above to see latest info.

New Building Standards applicable From Oct  1 2013

In Scotland from 1/10/13, legislation (similar to that already applying in N. Ireland) covering New Build properties, and existing dwellings that have any combustion  appliance installed/ changed must fit an approved CO alarm; Kidde's 10 Year CO alarms are ideally suited to meet the requirement.

Slick Wireless ® alarm range . See link on left for details.

 Kidde wireless icon

New Slick® Wireless pattress for wire free interlinkingKidde's battery powered Remote TEST & HUSH ACCESSORY RTH RF

Slick®'s Wireless Pattress (RF SFTP) simply replaces Pattress supplied in carton, and enables wire free interlinking to other Slick® alarms, and wireless accessories, such as the Remote Test & Hush (RF RTH), as above.

Click logo for new Ten4 alarm; it's a 10 Year sealed in battery Optical alarm. The Ten4 alarm.Kidde's 4" Ten Year Guaranteed Battery Optical alarmHumberside FRS Tender & Kidde sponsored message.
Click above logo for details of Kidde's innovative 4", Ten Year Guaranteed  Ten4 (Sealed Battery) smoke alarm, engineered for Fire Brigades Community Fire Safety initiatives.
Also used by Public & Private Landlords.
This alarm has a unique silent low battery warning feature.
t will activate when there are very low ambient temperatures, so not give annoying low battery chirps in the small hours.


Free CPD Training Courses ; Residential Fire & CO Safety

If you're in a Professional or Trade Body requiring you to achieve an annual number of hours of training, Kidde may be able to assist you & your colleagues.
Simply click
this link to request our Technical Support Manager make contact; courses can be held on your premises or at Kidde at Colnbrook, near London Airport.

2013 Guidance Booklet on Fire & CO Safety for Housebuilders & Landlords
Kidde's August 2013 edition of it's Housebuilder & Landlord Guide on Residential Fire & CO Safety


The booklet contains a wealth of useful guidance on Fire & CO safety and the Regulations relating to them covering England & Wales, Scotland, N Ireland & Eire, including changes applicable in Scotland re CO alarms applicable from 1/10/13.

It is aimed at Specifiers, Installers & Landlords.

For download in pdf format, right click image above & choose "Save Target or Save As".

 Residential Safety Update Booklet  


2013 Resi Update now available; click link below


Residential Safety Update is available as a pdf; it contains useful information on new Standards & Regulations relating to Residential Fire & Carbon Monoxide Safety.
To download in pdf format, 
click here.

All those using public funding have to follow "Best Value" principles, not just lowest price.  Kidde offer 10 year product Guarantees unlike many who offer only 5 or 6, but talk of 10 yr life.                    

Kidde's new wireless alarm range saving time & money; click image to send enquiry.

Kidde's Smart Interconnect Capability allows interconnection of our 
hard wired Smoke, Heat & CO Alarms; Slick
fast fit alarms now have
wireless capability too.

Only Kiide offer smart interconnect that means smoke, heat & co can be interlinked.
Slick® is our fast fit range, that can be interconnected to  our hard wired CO range; 
click logo for details.

10 year, whole product Guarantees, apply on Slick® Rechargeable back up models.


Delivering Quality Solutions 

Producing 35 million Alarms annually that are made in our ISO 9000
approved factories, ensuring we can provide customers
with Best Value quality Smoke, Heat & CO alarms.

We sell under the Kidde Fyrnetics & Kidde Firex brand names.


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WEEE Reg No BF0150QW
Battery BPRN 00711
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Kidde 4" Battery powered optical smoke alarmKidde Firex hard wired alarms

 WEEE & ROHS clarification re Smoke & CO Alarms


Kidde's unequalled excellence in fire suppression & detection


Kidde's expertise also covers aviation & marine, process industries, manufacturing,
residential & commercial premises. 

Every Boeing aircraft is Kidde protected for example.

We are a leading global supplier to Fire Services , & a sister company offers training of Fire fighters.
We supply South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, amongst others


Kidde Slick Hard Wired smoke alarmKidde smart interconnect CO alarm

   Slick® Smoke alarm            Hard Wired CO alarm

 Kidde Client Norman Foster Albion Project London

 Kidde has been used in prestige London developments


 The prestige Lancaster Gate development

 Lancaster Gate

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