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South Yorkshire FRS Tender; a satisfied Kidde client.

Info For Fire & Rescue authorities on 
Kidde Fire & CO solutions:

Around the world for 90+ years, Kidde & sister companies are involved 
as suppliers to local Fire Services of products ranging from extinguishers,  
fire engines
and even training for Fire Fighters. 

For more information on Kidde's mission & vision
click here.
Kidde support for Fire & Rescue Services link
We have been on the Framework initially run by Firebuy, and now 
The Consortium from its' outset plus others.
South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue fit Kidde smoke alarms
SYFRS Crew enters smoke filled room
Corporate Social Responsibility:

Kidde donated a substantial quantity of our Ten4 smoke alarms to Shropshire FRS for a
Romanian charity initiative; we appreciate that many FRS do valuable work in educating
under equipped Fire Brigades in developing countries.
Click link for details of Shropshire's journey with a donated Fire Engine & Kidde alarms.
Shropshire FRS appliance entering Romania; pictured Steve Worrall.

Steve Worrall, at Border crossing.

Link for Community Fire Safety support info.

Kidde's 2013 Residential Fire & CO Safety booklet available now. 

 Kidde's Aug 2013 edition of it's Residential Fire & CO safety Booklet for Specifiers & Landlords
Packed with useful information on Residential Fire & carbon Monoxide issues, 
plus comprehensive coverage on relevant Regulations covering: England & Wales,
Scotland, N. Ireland & Eire.
(Includes Scottish Building Standards change re CO alarms applicable from 1/10/13).
To obtain a pdf copy, please click on this link. 
If page doesn't open, right click & choose "Save Target/ Save As" option.
Kidde's Ten 4 Optical Smoke Alarm for Fire Brigades:
Kidde's Ten4 optical alarms for FRS
Click image below to see details on our  feature packed "Ten4" Optical 
Smoke Alarm, designed with unique features, in response to feedback
from UK & Eire Fire Brigades. Ten Years Guaranteed performance.
This now complemented by the unique 10 Year Sealed Battery CO alarms.
Kidde's Ten 4 alarms performs from 0deg c, and will not beep in very low ambients

Best Value; Is Your Procurement of Alarms achieving it?
If you've not had samples & evaluated Kidde, you probably aren't!

Feature packed but almost certainly guaranteed to save you money; 
with Kidde, your pounds/Euros will go further, but with no compromise
in quality,with outstanding customer service.


Freephone support lines so customers can call us to quickly resolve any issues .
Click alarm logo below for datasheet. (If page doesn't open, right click & choose
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Kidde's Ten4 alarm is just 4" wide.Ten 4 logo
The Silent Low Battery Alert is exceptionally useful during periods of
low ambient temperatures forecast, or where rooms/hallways may
increasingly not be heated because of rising energy costs.
No annoying beeps once a minute!
Used by an increasing number of Brigades achieving Best Value.
Bucks FRS team installing Kidde alarms in Marlow

Kidde is the only manufacturer with 10Year Guaranteed Battery CO alarms;
click IMAGE below for info.
Kidde 10LLDCO Ten Year Sealed in Battery CO alarm

Battery News:   
A smoke alarm's batteries are a key operational component, and economising 
on this is very much a false economy.
Kidde's sealed battery alarms all use premium quality Fuji lithium cells.

Kidde's Engineering Department carefully evaluates all critical components,
and for that reason chose the best performing battery we can find for our application:
there may be cheaper options from unknown manufacturers, but we won't risk those.
The ones we specify are made by Fuji (FDK) of Japan; make sure your 
alarms, have a battery brand from a company with a known pedigree.

Click here for Fuji's Battery data sheet, as we install.

Their capacity meets our criteria of execeeding performance margins by 10%,
so we anticipate you'll get more than 10 years life from Kidde; however,
it's good practice to change alarms after 10 Years service.

The Ten4 is now complemented by our unique TenYCO , 
10Year Battery CO Alarms:
click logo below for details.
Kidde TenYCO Ten Year Battery CO alarms 

Kidde also supplies Fire Brigades in Eire.

Free Storage:

Kidde warehouse in CheshireKidde's large warehouse in Cheshire

Kidde will gladly store product ordered, for call off as required in our warehouse in
Derbyshire. Though Photo alarms have no HSE special storage requirements,
we probably have more space than you.

Irish Fire Brigade Page:

Dublin Fire Brigade using Kidde as part of national initiative.
Kidde is committed to educate consumers, specifiers, house builders,
facility management companies etc on the dangers of fire
& carbon monoxide safety.
Kidde has been on the Firebuy (now called the Consortium) framework, since the outset.


Documents to Download:

Alternative Alarm Fixing details ie not using screws & plugs (PDF)
Home Fires Burning Hotter than 30 years ago (PDF)


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